Your Rights

Your Rights

You have rights. Fiedler Law Firm has resources

Iowa and Nebraska are “employment at will” states. This means that, unless you have the protection of a labor union or employment contract, an employer can fire you without warning or justification. We know this sounds scary and unfair, but there are lots of exceptions to this rule, and we can leverage them to protect you from unlawful employment actions.

In general, an employer cannot take action against you on the basis of your inherent characteristics or the things about you that you cannot change. This includes:

Discrimination includes actions like being disciplined, fired, demoted, not hired, or not promoted. Harassment usually refers to experiences at work that make your work life troublesome or create a hostile work environment. Discrimination and harassment are against the law when done on the basis of your personal characteristics listed above.

Don’t Let Your Rights Expire

Taking immediate action is the only way to ensure your rights are protected. Deadlines for reporting discrimination or harassment vary from case to case, but consulting an attorney is the best way to find a solution before it’s too late.

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